Z64 Quick Start Guide

You just purchased a Mr. Backup Z64 and thus would like to play with it as fast as possible without reading too much text?
Then this guide is exactly the right one for you.
Here I will treat the most important topics so you will have a perfect start with your Z64.

First steps
After you unpacked the Z64 plug in the power supply and put one of the following games into the module pit of the Z64: Goldeneye, Mario Kart 64, Pilot Wings, Super Mario 64, Waverace.
If you don't possess one of these here is a complete list of further games.
From now on this game is your "standard boot game".

The self test:
Simply follow this video to examine your Z64 for defects, you don't need a N64 console for this:

(You can read more under How to selftest the Z64?)

Starting the first game

After you successfully finished the self test plug your Z64 into your Nintendo 64 console.
Your "standard boot game" should be still in the module pit of the Z64.
With this you should be able to play all games besides Mario Party 3 and Banjo Tooie.
Also you can save most games thereby.
(You can learn more under What boot cartridges do I need?)

Now download the latest z64patch.dat (Z64patch.dat 2.7P (unofficial)
for Pal Users, z64pf30u for NTSC), unpack it and copy it on a zip disk.
This should also be the perfect time to copy some other "things" on the zip disk.

Start a game
Turn on the Z64, wait a little till it finished loading and turn on your N64 console.
You are welcomed with a green menu. Now insert the zip disk into the drive assembly.
After a short load time you can select a game with the d-pad and start it by pressing the A-button.
After the loading bar reached 100 the game should start.
If you want to play another game switch the N64 off and on again with a short break between and you are back in the menu.
If a game won't start follow this link: The game xxx doesn't run, what should I do?

Read the manual
Since you know now how your Z64 basicly works it's time to read the manual.
If your Z64 didn't come with a manual you can download it here.

Some more tips
It is advisable to but a few spacer underneath the Z64 to improve air flow.

Furthermore if you have a memory expansion in your Nintendo console you can remove its cover so that more air comes through and the N64 does not become to warm.